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​Want to talk? Call: ​+44 1773 821689

Use effective email marketing to grow your accountancy firm…

It’s easy to dismiss email marketing as a thing of the past, in fact some have even said it’s dead…especially with social media and the mobile way of working getting all the attention, and marketing emails flooding our inboxes every day…

However…statistics on email marketing performance don’t agree with this, in fact email marketing is on the increase!

Using a coordinated series of emails with relevant content will engage your readers.

Investing time and money to identify their response for future, relevant emails will create a desire in them to open and enjoy the emails they receive from you.

With a strong, relevant, targeted, content marketing approach, email marketing is more powerful than ever and can seriously improve your customer lead generation pipeline.

Email marketing moves the conversation about your products and services to a more personal environment — your future customers’ inboxes.

So how can you use email marketing effectively in your accountancy firm?

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Paul Shrimpling

Paul (@shrimpers) works exclusively with accountancy firms helping them achieve remarkable results through remarkable practice. Paul has an active LinkedIn group dedicated to marketing for accountants - Marketing for UK accountants in Practice - more leads more often. If you're a manager, partner or marketing manager of an accountancy firm join us. Paul is also the creator of Marketing Services for Accountants and Business Bitesize - go to the products page to find out more...

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