Winning new clients can be tough. Selling additional services to existing clients can also be tough...'s much less tough when you PROVE you and your firm can deliver. To succeed you must share evidence, share stories...

Create a portfolio of well-written case study stories and you provide powerful proof that you and your firm are the real deal. Alternatively... soon as you start selling without proof, you run the risk of dropping out of trusted adviser status.​

Proof gives you the credibility you need to softly, gently but deliberately demonstrate you can and will deliver on your promises.

Without proof you can easily drop out of trusted adviser status and rely on your persuasive skills to win buyers. Business owners want to work with a trusted adviser accountant not a sales person.

Even worse, you can upset your existing clients if you're seen to be overtly selling. Putting these valued relationships at risk is to be avoided. Share stories about other business owners you work with and you'll be seen to be helping your clients decide rather than overtly selling.

How do you cross-sell and how do you win new clients AND maintain trusted adviser status?

Encourage and entice your existing clients to share their story about you and your firm through case studies and testimonials.

Then use your case study stories throughout your marketing. Case study stories can also transform a conversation with a client or prospect and make it easier for clients or prospects to say yes to you.

Here are three print case study stories from three different accountancy firms. Each story helps demonstrate and prove the value they deliver to the featured business:

Why are case study stories so important?

Think about the way TripAdviser works. The comments by strangers influences you far more than the marketing blurb about the restaurant, hotel or venue.

Hard evidence about how good you are as an accountant reduces scepticism, grows trust, and helps you sell more. Stories about specific business owners and their business are the most powerful form of proof you have. It's just that most accountancy firms fail to make the most of their stories.

Provide proof that what you do and how you do it works and you become believable. Such belief sustains and nurtures your reputation as a trusted adviser, one worth working with, someone worth buying from.

“The team at Remarkable Practice took away the creative challenge of writing the case studies for our dedicated web site. The two we now have are well-written and do a great job of demonstrating the value we deliver. Oh and they have helped us win some new clients too.” 

Graham Eden
Cognitor, Bromsgrove

“We thought we could write our own case studies. In fact we had a good go ourselves. It was only when we compared our efforts with the Remarkable Practice version that we resolved to have them done properly. After all, if you have a client or prospect almost ready to buy, you don't want to share a sub-standard case study as it might put them off. Whereas a professionally produced case study could make all the difference to winning a new client or new piece of work. Our reputation is at stake and our case studies have to maintain or even enhance our reputation."

Ian Rodgers
The Profit Key, Ashby De La Zouch

How do you write and construct credibility-building case study stories?

1. Capture and share an impactful story about your firm’s best client-stories

2. Write and edit your case-study so it’s an enjoyable read with no techno-babble

3. Create a well-designed print-ready pdf your clients and prospects will want to read

Beware badly-written case studies...

Badly written case study stories can and will undermine your firm's credibility and put at risk your trusted adviser status.

Too often we've seen case study stories that are a weakly veiled attempt to sell the firm and the services. A great case study is about the featured business owner and their business. Yes you (their accountant) shows up in the story but the hero is the business owner.

Produce a 'me, myself and I' case study story about your firm and you'll have missed the point and missed the opportunity to impress clients and prospects.

Only through well-crafted, well-written or video-recorded case studies do you demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness. There is a science (and an art) to writing remarkable case study stories which if you want to research you'll do well to seek out Joseph Campbell's landmark book 'A Man With A Thousand Faces'.

If you want to short-cut the research and get straight to creating great case study stories please get in touch and we'll be delighted to help you. The price options below show you what's involved and what you get for your money...

VIDEO Case Study Stories For Your Firm:

3 x done-for-you video case studies £7,600 plus VAT​

- 3 video case study stories captured in one day at your offices (or single venue of your choice). You arrange with your clients to attend.

- Briefing call with you about your 3 clients and main content agreed in advance

- All video editing & production done for you

- Short 90 second video and longer 3-5 minute video provided for each story as YouTube-ready MP4 files​

- Written version of each case study story also provided as PDF​

“We'd identified the case study stories we wanted but couldn't seem to get the right words in the right order to do the stories full justice. The telephone interviews were painless and we were delighted with the finished stories. We're already using the print copies in meetings with prospects to good effect.” 

Mark Upex
Hansons, Castleford

WRITTEN  Case Study Stories For Your Firm:

3 x written-for-you case studies £3,100 plus VAT​

- We'll first discuss the merit of your case study stories. There's no point creating case study stories that will not help you win more business. We'll work with you to choose the best of your best client stories.

- To make the process as easy for you as possible we interview the partner, director or manager about your chosen client's story

- The interviews will then be transcribed from audio into the written word

- You'll then be asked to approve the written content and share a suitable photograph for each case study

- Once the wording is finalised you'll be a few days away from approving the final case study story artwork

- Once approved 50 print copies of each of your 3 case study stories will be delivered to you

- You'll also receive a case study story PDF​ to use in emails, your website and other marketing materials

If you'd like to talk to us about case studies for your form - please fill in the form below and we will contact you directly.

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