You GROW YOUR ACCOUNTANCY FIRM when you put to work a few proven marketing foundations…

...the risky alternative is chasing every new bright-shiny marketing innovation that is thrust at the accountancy profession.

The 3 stories and 4 free resources below share fundamental principles of growth applied to accountancy firms.

Every single resource you'll find here has been proven to work in accountancy firms just like yours.

3 accountancy success short stories to inspire you:
  • Let’s start with a 3-PARTNER FIRM committed to growing fees. If they can add more than £300,000 of new fees in 9 months, and then go on to win another £300,000 in the following 9 months then consistent growth is no myth. Consistent growth is real and can be copied.
  • What about a SOLE-PRACTITIONER disappointed and frustrated by mediocre results? This firm slashes a demoralising £200,000 overdraft to £30,000. They start to hit monthly production targets that have been impossible to hit before. They are also reassured by some healthy fee growth from existing clients, plus new fees from new clients too.
  • And what about a 10-PARTNER FIRM that’s been frustrated by zero fee growth over several years? Exceeding best ever cross-selling results and exceeding never-hit-before profit targets wasn’t really expected, based on past performance. But in 12 months they changed key habits in the firm and are now achieving repeatable results. And if they can, then there’s every reason you can too.
The 4 resources below are all designed to help YOU achieve repeatable profit growth for your firm…

We’ve conducted over 1,000 marketing meetings with dozens and dozens of accountancy firms.

What’s crystal clear is, you avoid all frustration, worry and stress when you grow your accountancy practice every month, every quarter and every year, without fail.

Such consistent growth requires consistent, habitual, marketing behaviour.

To help you make this consistent, habitual, marketing behaviour happen, here’s 4 valuable resources with 21 inspiring insights you can start to use immediately.

Your 4 complimentary marketing resources are:
  1. A series of 2-minute videos capturing one crucially important and relevant idea accountants must make use of if you are to achieve sustainable success.

    In particular watch the video on ‘The Power Of Habit’.

    In just 2 minutes Paul Shrimpling presents one specific insight on 10 profit growth subjects and signposts further reading too. You’ll be itching to change your behaviour and earn greater results for you and your firm after each short and pithy video.

  2. FREE REPORT: “The 7 big mistakes that cost accountants a fortune in lost sales, lost profits and lost personal cash and how you avoid them”

    From Paul’s 13 years of consulting with accountancy firms here’s 7 common mistakes and how you can either prevent them or overcome them.

    As you read this report – and the solutions to the 7 big mistakes – you’ll immediately be in a position to make more money, more easily, and more often...

  3. Business breakthrough KPIs for accountants – putting 12 of the best KPIs to work in your firm so you avoid stop-start results and tap into sustainable success.
  4. 4-page business breakthroughs you can absorb in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. 10 more business breakthroughs you can instantly apply to your firm to fix a pressing issue or help you make the most of a pressing opportunity. Each comes with a set of support tools you can make a difference to your firm immediately.

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Why give these resources away?

These resources can help transform your firm’s results.

These resources also give us an opportunity to prove to you how committed we are to working with ambitious accountancy firms. We’d value your feedback and if you want to check out our other products, training and consulting we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Wishing you every success,

Paul Shrimpling

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